Wildlife Captures

We perform Wildlife Captures, including: DMP Captures, TTT Captures and TTP.

DMP – Deer Management Program
Deer Management Permit authorizes owners of high fenced properties to temporarily detain white-tailed deer in breeding pens located on the property for the purpose of natural breeding. Deer may not be detained for purposes that do not include natural breeding (i.e. “soft release” of bred TTT deer.) Participation in the DMP program requires a Deer Management plan that must be approved and signed by an authorized Wildlife Biologist or Technician. Contact Texas Parks and Wildlife today to get started in this program.

TTT – Trap, Transport and Transplant Permits
if your property currently has a very low deer density, you may be eligible for a TTT permit. This permit allows for the capture and movement of wild deer from one property to another. The main purpose of this permit is for restocking efforts. However, in certain cases it may provide a great jump start to the genetics of your native herd.  
TTP – Trap, Transplant and Process Permits
The Trap, Transport & Process is a mechanism to help reduce deer population in areas where white-tailed deer are overpopulated. Through the use of this permit, areas with surplus white-tailed deer can capture surplus deer, process their carcasses, and donate the resulting venison to penal facilities or charitable organizations for human consumption.


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